Who We Help

Simply put, Push America serves people with disabilities. There is no specific age or disability with which Push America is aligned. Push America was founded on the premise that people with disabilities are no different than people without disabilities, and it is the organization???s vision to raise the level of awareness people have about people with disabilities.

First and foremost is educating those around us about the abilities of people with disabilities and treating them with the respect that should be given to everyone. People first language is the easiest way we can all show understanding and respect and a way of putting the person before the disability. Instead of calling someone ???disabled,??? they should be referred to as a ???person with a disability.??? Likewise, rather than saying someone ???is autistic,??? say that someone ???has autism,??? making it clear that a disability is not all that a person is.

For more extensive reading on people first language, please visit? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People-first_language??or? https://www.disabilityisnatural.com/.