Why Max Bachmeier Joined Pi Kapp

I joined Pi Kappa Phi to seize a great opportunity for an experience I’ll never forget.

Why Kyle Byrne Joined Pi Kapp

I joined Pi Kappa Phi because the men in this chapter are leaders on campus. All of the brothers are actively involved in different clubs and organizations, like myself, and I wanted to join them in setting an example on campus and to carry out Pi Kappa Phi’s vision statement: Pi Kappa Phi will redefine fraternity as a lifelong brotherhood of leaders.

- Kyle Byrne '15 -

Why Andrew Casalino Joined Pi Kapp

I joined Pi Kappa Phi to become a leader, a man of C.L.A.S.S., and the man that I want to be for the rest of my life. Pi Kappa Phi embodies the elements of a true gentlemen and I couldn’t be more proud to be associated with the gentlemen of this fraternity.

- Andrew Casalino '14 -

Why Andrew Hastings Joined Pi Kapp

After hearing the mission of Pi Kappa Phi and meeting the prospective members, I chose to pursue a role in founding the Iona College chapter. I decided it was up to me (us) to change Greek Life for the better. I wanted to also further my skills as a leader and expand my network of friends on campus to include a group of Iona College Gaels, most of which I had never met before, that I am now proud to call my brothers.

- Andrew Hastings '13 -

Why Brian Strafach Joined Pi Kapp

I joined Pi Kappa Phi to discover what it really meant to be a brother, because the relationship with my biological brothers is not that strong. I wanted the chance to enhance my strength, and improve my weaknesses. Pi Kappa Phi gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself and to have great and meaningful connections with people.

- Brian Strafach '13 -

Why PJ Kokias Joined Pi Kapp

I joined Pi Kappa Phi because I knew something was missing in my college career. For 3 years I had always been open about my wanting to join Greek Life, but sadly there were no fraternity that caught my eye. When Pi Kappa Phi walked on campus I knew that the men in this organization were men that I could call brothers.
Pi Kappa Phi will teach me to be a stronger leader, as well as a better man.

- PJ Kokias '13 -