What We Do

Over the course of Push America???s history, the way the organization achieves its mission has changed often without ever forgetting its roots. When it was founded, Push America was based on the construction of play units for children with disabilities. It was only a matter of years before construction was no longer the sole focal point of the organization.

Cycling was introduced 10 years into the organization???s history with Journey of Hope, a cross-country cycling event, followed by Gear Up Florida, a similar event across the state. With the addition of Build America a few years later, cycling and construction truly began working hand-in-hand to change the lives of people with disabilities.

Currently, Push America still utilizes construction and cycling as main vehicles for impact, but has also added Push America Challenge, an event not restricted to only members of Pi Kappa Phi focused on pushing the limits of human ability.

More than any one event, though, is the idea of service leadership. The goal of each and every Push America program is to give of one???s self in order to benefit people with disabilities, instilling a lifelong commitment to service.

Push America Events