Team Members

James Ramsey

Co-Founder and Creator

James is the inventor of the remote skylight, which delivers sunlight below ground using a system of optics. In 2004, Ramsey opened design practice RAAD, and they have since built over a hundred projects, both in NYC and across the country.

Dan Barasch

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Dan leads community engagement, political outreach, fundraising, and strategic planning for the world???s first underground park. His former roles have included strategic roles at Google, PopTech, and within New York City government.

Robyn Shapiro

Director of Community

Robyn oversees many of the Lowline???s core activities, from community engagement to strategic projects. Her prior experience includes marketing and operations roles at Ralph Lauren, Saatchi & Saatchi, and SelectNY as well as urban farming at Eagle Street Rooftop Farm.

Ed Jacobs

Engineer and Industrial Designer

Ed develops and executes innovative solar technologies for the Lowline. The former head of design at a motorcycle company, Confederate Motors, Jacobs is currently focusing on DNI, a utilitarian design-based company.

Kibum Park


Kibum is a partner at RAAD and responsible for the striking Lowline renderings. He has worked on and led a number of projects in Korea and China, ranging from single residential up to a commercial building.

Sangyun Han


Sangyun is an award-winning architect/manager at RAAD.